Welcome to Rays of Light

My journey with Reiki began in Aug of 1999 in Northern Ireland. I was run down & weak & overall not in good health. My then husband had received Reiki I. His teacher suggested I learn Reiki. It would help me & I would benefit immensely. I was living in a spiritual community at the time. We had only been married a year & we wanted kids but knew I was too weak to even consider having kids at this stage. I learned Reiki I & it totally transformed by life. A group of us received the Attunement (ability for Reiki energy to flow). We were given some notes & I began using Reiki immediately. I felt the difference in my hands as soon as I received the Attunement. I knew it worked but at that time in my life did not had a deep understanding of what Reiki is & how it works. I did Reiki on myself mostly for six years. My older sister became very sick & three of us did Reiki on her & the next day she was so much better. She had been feeling sick all week. I believe it was my spiritual beliefs that lead me to Reiki.

I asked my Teacher for Reiki II several times but never received it. Looking back I see now why I was to wait to receive Reiki II. I was not ready . In 2002 I gave birth to my son. When he was almost a year I started to get severe abdominal pains.

In 2004 I moved to Vermont. I was still having abdominal pain. My doctor did all kinds of tests & found nothing. Yet the pain still resided. My husband said “healer heal thy self”. I started doing Reiki on myself daily & after a few months realized one day I did not have any more pain. I met a lady who had a remarkable story saying Reiki had enabled her to carry & have her only child after many miscarriages. She gave me the contact information for her Teacher.

Myself & my former husband met her & that was the beginning of another beautiful journey of learning & receiving more Reiki training. After you complete each Level in Reiki you do a twenty-one day cleanse. Doing Reiki on yourself for twenty-one days, I loved doing this. The Jikden & Animal Reiki Attunements were very powerful for me.

I completed Levels II & the Master Level in 2005. I had gone into early labor with my second child my daughter at thirty-two weeks. I was on bed rest. I was given the okay by the Doctor to be off bed rest so I went & completed the Master Level a week before my daughter was born. I saw how much Reiki had helped me & by doing the higher Levels in Reiki had an understanding now of what Reiki is.

In May of 2006 I founded my own business Ray of Light.
Reiki has helped me immensely with my health & I then realized that I wanted to help others by doing Reiki. Doing Reiki in a small rural town in Vermont has not been easy but I have persevered.

In 2007 I did the Reiki Teacher Training. I also studied Karuna Reiki ( the Reiki of Compassion,) Jikiden Reiki (meaning directly passed down) & I am currently learning Animal Reiki. The Animal Reiki has been amazing for me. Opening up my eyes to a whole new way of learning & teaching Reiki.

Along the way I did a year Apprenticeship for Body Centered Therapy, learned Lightwork & will be doing training for Sound Healing. I become the Regional Coordinator of my Area of the Vermont Reiki Association.

In June of 2009 I gave birth to my third child. I worked right up until the week before he was born.This was an amazing dream for me & journey. I had had two C-Sections previously. I had a VBAC, all natural birth. I did most of my labor at home with a amazing friend & Doula. During the pregnancy I did a lot of meditation & chiropractic work & bodywork which helped this birth to be possible. I arrived at the hospital fully dilated, waters broke in the birthing center, no pain relief & forty minutes later after five pushes my son was born. I blew the minds of the doctors who had read my chart. One doctor said “women don’t do what you just did.” So my story is a success story where you can do a VBAC against all odds.

I did Reiki for the first six months of my son’s life with him strapped to me in a carrier. He slept & put his head back bathing in & taking in the Reiki energy. People were amazed at how quiet he was. All he has ever known is Reiki. In Oct of 2099 myself & my husband of eleven years separated. I am now a single Mom of three. The initial transition was hard but I am in a much better place now. Reiki & bodywork has been my saving grace.

I began teaching kids classes a few months ago & Attuned all three of my kids. Reiki has changed my life. I teach Reiki Classes regularly, do Reiki at various events & do monthly Restorative Reiki Yoga Workshops, which myself & a Yoga Teacher came up with a few years ago.

Restorative Yoga is described as “the Yoga of Non-Doing.” This type of Yoga is very gentle & relaxing. Each pose is supported by props (eg. bolster, blankets & blocks). Healing energy is transmitted to the major organs & energy centers of the body. Reiki, a Japanese Technique for Relaxation & Stress Reduction, is administered to each person in the individual poses. The combination of the two leaves you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.

I describes myself as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner & am continuously updating my skills. Reiki has became my way of life & I use my intuition & guidance in my work. It has not been a easy journey but for me Reiki is a gift I have been given & I love what I do so during the difficult times I persist. This is my niche & calling in life.

Reiki is beneficial for all ailments both physical & emotional. A session is administered to the recipient fully clothed & is very gentle & non-invasive.