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Sound Therapy

is the use of tuning forks to find areas of disturbance within the human energy field. The tuning forks are used on the major energy centers (chakras) of the body & other specific areas where there are imbalances. The tuning forks help to restore balance & harmony. Sukhada also does Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls.

Access Bars

there are thirty-two points of energy that run through & around your head that connect to different aspects of your life ie creativity, money, joy etc. We call all of the points that are touched when using this modality The Bars. A session is deeply relaxing.

Restorative Reiki Yoga Class

is 0ne Sunday of each month at The Shambala Room. Restorative Yoga is described as the “Yoga of Non-Doing.” Each pose is supported by a prop. While Evangeline guides you through the poses Sukhada will do Reiki on everyone. Feel the stress and tension leaving your body.